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“Voice is power. Voice is identity—how we represent ourselves to the world. As it emerges from the core of our being, it broadcasts everything about us to the world. Thus voice is a metaphor, or symbol, of who we are.”

Vocal Power

Vocal Power: Harness your inner Voice to conquer everyday communication challenges.

by Arthur Samuel Joseph, Founder of Vocal Awareness

Achieving Vocal Power is about making a strong impact on others on all three levels of communication–words, tone of voice, and body language–simultaneously. It means finding and developing an authentic voice that is true to who you are as a unique individual.

Vocal Power introduces the Vocal Awareness Method, which teaches you how to live life on your own terms, feel safe in every encounter, be confident, enjoy being who you are, and not apologize for yourself or require permission—permission from anyone to display your true self.

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Arthur Samuel Joseph–a top voice consultant and communication strategist to some of the biggest names in business, entertainment, sports, and politics–shows you simple techniques and exercises that will:

  • Enhance your vocal quality and strength and alleviate common vocal and communication problems, such as fear of public speaking
  • Improve your physical health, raise your endorphin levels, and relieve tension and hoarseness
  • Enhance your body language and correct poor posture while easing back problems and other tension-related conditions
  • Allow you to grow your influence beyond your wildest dreams

I was able to learn an incredible amount about my voice and about how to have great impact with more pleasure and less pain.”

Tony Robbins, New York Times bestselling author of Awaken the Giant Within

Arthur has successfully worked with a great number of our talent. When the light switch goes on, it’s quite amazing to see the transformation as people go from somebody just talking to somebody owning every singing syllable that comes out of their mouths. It really is groundbreaking. I have never seen a technique quite like it.”

George Greenberg, executive vice president of production at Fox Sports

Arthur Joseph started as a teacher of mine years ago. He enlightens with compassion and understanding of the human spirit. Above all else, it works.”

Pierce Brosnan, actor

“If you’re searching for the power within, through Vocal Awareness, you can find the sound of your soul.”

Quincy Jones, musician, composer, and executive producer

Order in the Vocal Awareness store,
at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or the iTunes Store.

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Order in the Vocal Awareness store,
at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or the iTunes Store.